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Property management

TerraScapes offers a full range of commercial landscape services for large and small commercial properties. We meet the landscape management needs of homeowner’s associations, apartment complexes, office buildings, and retail complexes. TerraScapes LLC. is here to help with all your commercial landscaping needs. Please contact us for a calendar detailing the standard landscape management services provided or to discuss the landscaping requirements

of your commercial property.

TerraScapes will work with you to understand your expectations and budget, and will make recommendations to improve your property based on our discussions. This may include things like added amenities, such as outdoor grilling area, fireplace or a simple fire pit with setting walls and finishing touches using native plants and  more lighting to improve safety.

Need ongoing Residential lawn care and maintenance? Our trained staff of horticulturists can provide a variety of services including turf and shrub management, seasonal flower programs, tree planting, pruning and fertilization, and mowing and edging. Whether you require basic lawn care services through our maintenance division or are looking for full service lawn management, we can help keep your landscape looking great and ensure the realization of the full potential of your property. We “manage” the outside environment to increase property values and project a positive image for our residential clients.